Katie Raby

Studying for my Certified Solutions Architect Associate with AWS Cloud Quest


Cloud Quest is a role-playing game which gives you 'real world' scenarios to solve using your cloud skills as you help citizens within a virtual city.

I got a scholarship to attend AWS re:Invent 2022 in Las Vegas


Exciting news! I have been awarded with a full grant to attend the upcoming AWS re:Invent conference. Read more.

An Overview of AWS Global Infrastructure


AWS global infrastructure serves 245 countries and territories. Find out more about what regions, availability zones and edge locations are.

Pomodoro Pairing - a pair programming technique

2022-05-15pair programmingproductivity

Find out about the Pomodoro technique, and how to employ this technique in your pair programming sessions.

Using testing-playground with React Testing Library


Discover testing-playground and how to use it in conjunction with React Testing Library, to help to improve your testing skills.

Open Source - Tiny Contributions, Big Impact

2021-09-27open sourcebeginners

Open source is for everyone, and even making tiny contributions can have a big impact.

Go - Packages, Variables & Printing


Find some of the key pieces of information you need to get started, such as how a Go file is structured, how to declare variables, and how to print.

Go - Installation, Setup & IDE


Learn how to setup and install Go

Changing Career from Marketing to Software Engineering


I was in an established marketing career, with no tech degree to speak of, and was convinced that switching to a career in tech would be nearly impossible. Here's my story.

Top Tips for Junior Developers Starting Their First Role


You’ve just landed your first Junior Developer role. Congratulations! What now? Here are some great tips for developers starting out in their first role (and beyond!).

Live Art - Showing Support for Artists Through Web Monetization


Live Art - RUNNER-UP in the Grant for The Web x DEV hackathon 2020. Take a look at the project in full detail.

How to Pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam in 2020


Go from knowing nothing about AWS, to passing your Certified Cloud Practitioner exam with ease!

The Benefits of Test-Driven Development


The idea behind test driven development is that you let the tests 'drive' your development process. How does this work?